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Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to those who have spent many hours searching for information about any films and events that are accessible to those with Hearing Impairment and the Deaf. If you find a broken link please contact us at  help@deafaccessfilms.com  and we will either repair it or remove it from this site if the film or event is no longer available.

If you know of a captioned film or event you would like to see listed here, please send us an e-mail about it (name of film, event and/or URL) at the above address and we will review it for posting.

Privacy Policy

This website operates as an information service only, with links to other websites for products or services listed on this site. Any information we may receive about you (name, e-mail address, etc.) by means of your contacting Deaf Access Films through e-mail is deleted from our systems as soon as possible and under no circumstances is passed on to any other party.

Disclosure Statement 

The reputation of this site is important to us and we base it on how well we provide service and on what we have specified on this page and our Privacy Policy Statement page. Deaf Access Films is an independently operated website. We regularly check websites we list for any links to/ or material of a pornographic nature. If we find any, we will remove the link from our website to theirs. Please contact us immediately if you find any such links or material on a website listed by Deaf Access Films at  help@deafaccessfilms.com. Deaf Access Films does not make any guarantees, nor do we offer any warranty of any kind, express or implied. The listing or mention of any motion picture does not imply an endorsement by Deaf Access Films. We are not liable for any damage for any goods, services program, or any information mentioned on this website.

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